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Thatcham Research, the motor insurers’ automotive research centre, has chosen to invest in a CSC-TOOL for the calibration of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), as well as diagnostic and battery support tools from HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS.

Leading research body Thatcham Industries has long recognised the importance of ADAS and the far reaching implications that technologies such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) have for the insurance industry and the crash repair sector that supports it.

As part of their commitment to providing model-specific technical repair guides for the crash repair sector, designed to promote the safest and most cost effective methods of returning accident-damaged vehicles back to as new condition, Thatcham are amongst the leading voices in promoting the importance of calibrating the cameras, sensors and radar heads used by today’s ADAS-equipped vehicles.

With the recent changes to Euro NCAP now specifying that passenger cars must be equipped with AEB to qualify for its coveted five star safety rating, ADAS is feature found on a growing number of new vehicle models and looks set to become as commonplace.

As the cameras and radar heads used within these systems require precise calibration to operate accurately after even relatively simple workshop procedures, such as windscreen replacement or axle geometry, this calibration procedure is already becoming an essential task for many workshops and crash repair centres.

HELLA_GUTMANN_SOLUTIONS_CSC-Tool_ADAS_calibrationRecognising that with the CSC-Tool HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS is currently the only manufacturer to offer a multi-brand and comprehensive workshop tool for the calibration of ADAS cameras and radar sensors, Thatcham Research has invested in its very own CSC-Tool, as well as a mega macs 56 and battery support unit to use within its extensive on-site workshop and training facilities.

Andrew Hooker, Advanced Repair Studies Manager at Thatcham Research, advises workshops to assess their situation “Sensor initialisation and calibration is a requirement for many operations previously considered simple, such as replacing a door mirror or a bumper reinforcement beam” says Andrew.

“The requirements for diagnostic and reinstatement capability will vary between Service and Accident Repair Centres, both retailer and independent, but all should consider their own requirement as sensor fitment rates are growing rapidly and are unlikely to recede this decade.”

To find out more about ADAS and for a comprehensive guide to the growing number of vehicle models fitted with this equipment, visit the Thatcham Research website.

You’ll find more information about the CSC-Tool in the Products section of this website. Alternatively, contact HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS on 01295 662402 or email