Stop-start technology is now a common feature on modern vehicles as manufacturers strive to improve economy and reduce emissions.
However special batteries and complex battery management systems are required to ensure that sufficient charge is always available for frequent engine re-starts.

Accurate testing of these batteries requires specialist equipment using complex algorithms, so the standard approach is often to recharge the battery and see if it holds the charge. This is a time-consuming process with no guarantee of an accurate result.

The BPC (Battery Power Check) Tool enables fast and accurate testing of all types of battery, including AGM, AGM Spiral and Calcium batteries, as well as starters and alternators.*

Key features:

  • Allows accurate testing of batteries, including those fitted to vehicles equipped with stop-start technology
  • Optional module enables testing of starters and alternators*
  • Accurate measurement of both state of capacity (SoC) and state of health (SoH)
  • Bluetooth enables wireless connection with mega macs PC/mega macs 66 for enhanced features

* Requires optional module

  • HGS_battery_power_check_(BPC)_tool
  • HGS_battery_power_check_(BPC)_tool