Customer Testimonials

Stuart Campbell, Paint-tec Accident Repair Centre, Fife

“We are a very busy independent vehicle accident repair centre, we are often required to carryout varying degrees of diagnostic work.  We have also found that we are increasingly requiring to reset, calibrate and repair various driver assist systems fitted in modern vehicles.  It is crucial that these systems are re-calibrated properly, so as not to put drivers at risk should a driver aid not function correctly after a repair.

We purchased a mega macs 56, CSC-Tool, CSC Kit Camera and a Radar Kit II in August 2016 and use them on a daily basis because they are very quick and easy to use.  It is normally the first choice for our technicians even though we have other diagnostic equipment. I particularly like the Bluetooth printing capability, not to mention the revenue this generates. We would normally have to pay main dealers serious amounts of money to have them reset driver assist systems.

I would highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing. We have enjoyed detailed training and ongoing support.”