Customer Testimonials

Syd, Maryport Car Centre

“After recently purchasing the Hella Gutmann diagnostic equipment and having previously owned Bosch KTS and Techno-motor diagnostic equipment, we are very pleased with the Hella Gutmann system.

We would give it a 5 star rating in respect of user friendliness and in-depth vehicle diagnostic fault finding. It is especially good for anyone wishing an apprentice to use and saves time on mechanical fault finding. Our second year apprentice picked up the use of it very quickly.

It has the added bonus of the information it gives you that tells you what the faulty part does and symptoms of being faulty which again is good for the apprentice so he can understand more about how components work. Also the back-up is good, with a good turnaround of queries we put to them.

As of yet we have not been fully compliant with the machine but every time we use it we understand more and more of its capabilities.

Should anyone have any questions I will be glad to answer them.

We rate it as excellent value for money.”