HUSKY 3500

The Husky 3500 is a fully-automatic air conditioning service station for R1234yf refrigerant, with a high-precision filling system, integrated leak detection and a refrigerant analysis function.

Designed for air conditioning systems that use R1234yf refrigerant and suitable for all vehicle types, including hybrid and electric vehicles, the Husky 3000 has a high-precision filling system and hermetically-sealed oil/UV management and a POE filling system which operates independently of the PAG oil system to minimise cross-contamination of PAG and POE oil.

Leak tests are performed under negative pressure during the recovery phase and the optional pressure test uses nitrogen or inert gas, which prevents refrigerant from entering the environment and guarantees a recovery rate of 99%.

The Husky 3500 also has a refrigerant analysis function and an integrated printer , which allows results to be printed and communicated directly to the customer.

Key features:

  • Fully-automatic air conditioning service station for R1234yf refrigerant
  • High-precision filling system
  • Leak detection function
  • Refrigerant analysis function
  • Colour screen and integrated printer
  • HGS_husky_3500_AC_service_station