mega macs 56

A mid-range diagnostic tool with features usually found on top-of-the-range devices, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth VCI connectivity, and a 10.4” high resolution touchscreen.

Whilst designed to be lightweight and portable, the mega macs 56 has some heavyweight technology under the skin. It’s PassThru® ready, has on-board data for more than 38,000 vehicle models and has a large 10.4” high resolution touchscreen. An optional ‘measurements package’, comprising of a 2 channel oscilloscope and multimeter, further extends its capability*.

For the first time on a mid-range device, the mega macs 56 also features access to Repair Plus** – a powerful system that provides instant access to a wealth of vehicle data, repair instructions and expert technical advice.

Key features:

  • 10.4” high resolution touchscreen
  • Optional 2 channel oscilloscope and multimeter
    with graphical display*
  • Access to Repair Plus**

* Available at an extra cost
** Available with the HGS Repair Plus service package

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