With the Smoke Leak Detector (SLD) from HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS, leaks have nowhere to hide.

This essential workshop tool enables fast and accurate diagnosis of a wide range of engine leaks, including EVAP, vacuum and vacuum subsystem leaks, exhaust leaks, EGR leaks, throttle body leaks, MAP sensor leaks, head gasket and wind/water leaks.

The SLD from HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS uses UltraTraceUV®, a patented, non-contaminating, non-toxic dye designed for both wet and dry systems and approved by global OEM vehicle manufacturers.

As well as being clearly visible in the smoke, UltraTraceUV® deposits at the exact location of the leak and, being nonpermanent, it easily wipes off when no longer needed.

Key features:

  • Enables faster diagnosis of a wide range of common engine leaks, including EGR, EVAP, vacuum and exhaust emissions, using smoke and dye
  • Uses OEM-approved STAR technology and patented non-contaminating, non-permanent UltraTraceUV® dye solution
  • Incorporates the very latest features including Variable Flow Control and TEST mode Portable and easy to use
  • A TEST mode delivers pressurised workshop air or nitrogen (without smoke) to determine if a leak exists
  • A flow meter, provides precise measurement of even the smallest of leaks
  • Variable Flow Control allows the user to adjust the amount of smoke required
  • The onboard pressure and vacuum gauge monitors system pressure while performing a leak test in either TEST or SMOKE mode, as well as pressure loss once the system has been filled
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